Men – Christmas Shopping for Their Wives

Christmas Shopping for Their WivesMen – Christmas Shopping for Their Wives

I run the risk of getting some flack here, but most men do not enjoy Christmas shopping or shopping of any kind. While they may generally dislike Christmas shopping, they especially do not like Christmas shopping for their wives. These men may love their wives dearly but the thought of purchasing Christmas gifts for wives seems like a daunting task. Their wives most likely have no idea that their husbands deal with the stress associated for Christmas shopping for them each year. They likely assume they are easy to shop for and that it is a piece of cake to select a gift for them.

Why do most men have so much trouble Christmas shopping for their wives? Here are some tips for gift ideas their wives are sure to love:

Most men attend a number of parties with their wives throughout the year. They may attend birthday parties for nieces and nephews, engagement parties for cousins or friends and housewarming parties for friends. They also likely arrive at most of these occasions bearing gifts, however, in most cases it is the wife who does the gift shopping. Most women enjoy shopping and do not mind tackling this task. However, women usually don’t help their husbands when it comes to shopping for them at Christmas.

These poor men have no practice shopping for presents and then all of a sudden they find themselves having to purchase Christmas presents for their wives without any help from them.

Following are a few gift ideas your wife is sure to love:

  1. A scrapbook is a great idea for a Christmas gift for your wife especially if she is always complaining about never having time to organize the family photos. This idea may scare many men because they are afraid they have to be artistically talented to give their wife this type of gift. Fortunately for them there are many individuals in the business of making scrapbooks. All the husband has to do is round up several photos and sit down with the scrapbooking consultant to discuss what type of book he is looking for and his wife’s favorite colors and preferences. With this information the consultant can create a lovely scrapbook from the pictures the husband provides.
  2. A spa gift certificate is another excellent idea for men who find Christmas shopping to be difficult. Most women enjoy being pampered and receiving treatments such as manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and other rejuvenating treatments. Even if you are not sure where she would like to go to receive these treatments, you can consult a friend or two to get that info.
  3. Another gift which many women will greatly appreciate is a gift certificate for a maid service. This is especially useful for women who work a full time job and do the majority of the housework. It’s a challenge (unless she’s Superwoman) to keep the house in great shape and work 40 plus hours per week. Giving a gift of maid service does not imply you do not think the house is clean enough but rather sends the message that you realize how hard your wife works and want to make her life easier. An even better idea is to make up a homemade coupon book with items such as cooking dinner or cleaning the bathroom. If your wife typically does these chores she can cash in one of her coupons for a night off from this chore if she is feeling tired. Add a coupon for a back rub and she’ll feel pampered and cared for.
  4. A gift certificate for her favorite restaurant is another great idea. You could plan a date night, with dinner and a movie. Arrange for a sitter if you have young children and you’re all set. The holiday season is especially stressful, so a chance for a night out of relaxation will be welcome.
  5. If you live in the right area, a trip to a vineyard for a wine tasting and a nice meal would be awesome. And maybe a weekend away at a fine hotel or a bed and breakfast could round out the vineyard trip.

Christmas shopping for their wives doesn’t need to be complicated. Figure out what your wife likes, how much you appreciate what she does and use your imagination. Checking with her friends would also be a good idea.

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  1. First of all, I thought you were going to tell me how to shop for a wife!
    But, seriously, I doubt that first gift choice will be as beneficial as you think. Because “the wife” may take your gift as a rebuke; that she never gets around to arranging those pictures, and now you throw it in her face. (Maybe I just picked the wrong wife….)

    1. I know, Roy. It’s the way I worded the post title. I agree about the photo and scrapbooking suggestion, but that’s all it is, a suggestion.

  2. I love gift certificates as gifts! Some think they are impersonal, but for me, they are such a treat. I rarely buy things just for me-just because…so getting a gift card allows me to pamper myself a bit without a hint of guilt! Great suggestions!

    1. So true, Susan. We tend to look after others before ourselves.

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