Christmas Shopping for Your Husband

Christmas Shopping for Your HusbandChristmas Shopping for Your Husband

You’d think that Christmas shopping for your husband would be the easiest part of your Christmas shopping. It’s going to be an easy chore because you love your husband and know him really well, right? Reality being what it is, Christmas shopping for your husband is sometimes the most difficult part of the holiday season. Why, you ask?

  • First of all you may feel added stress to find the perfect gift for your husband. While you may be willing to ‘settle’ for gifts foe others on your Christmas list, you are likely to feel stressed to search for items which are spectacular for your husband.
  • If you’ve been married to your husband for a number of years, you may also have difficulty Christmas shopping for him because you may feel like you’ve already bought him everything.

In that light, here are some useful tips for Christmas shopping for your husband which might make the process easier:

  1. Considering your husband’s interests and hobbies is one way to make Christmas shopping for him easier. Paying attention to these interests and hobbies can give you a better idea of what type of items would make great Christmas gifts for him.
  • If he recently started golfing and is still renting golf clubs you could consider purchasing a golf bag for him and giving him a gift certificate to purchase a set of golf clubs to fill the bag
  • If he recently started running, you might consider items which would make his run more enjoyable. You might purchase an MP3 player which is designed to be worn on an armband while running or a speed and distance monitor which tracks his mileage and his pace throughout his workout.

2. Another useful tip for Christmas shopping for your husband is to not be afraid to repeat gifts you have given him the past.

  • You might normally consider purchasing a bottle of cologne for him for Christmas and then decide against it because you realize you gave him a bottle of cologne for Christmas two years ago. This is very common because many people think it is boring to give the same gift more than once, but it is not always a bad idea. This is especially the case with items which can be used up such as cologne, body wash and lotions. It makes sense to gives these gifts repeatedly because your husband uses them often and runs out each year.
  • Even items such as clothing can be given as repeat gifts. It is acceptable to give your husband items such as ties, sweaters or pants on more than one occasion because clothing goes out of style and likewise your husband’s taste may change. The tie which he loved a couple of years ago may not be one of his favorites anymore. However, if you gave him a trendy new tie for Christmas this year it is likely to be a gift which is much appreciated.

3.  Finally, if you simply cannot decide what to get your husband for Christmas, it is acceptable to ask him what he wants. Have him make a list of several items he wants and plan on purchasing a few items from the list as well as a few surprises like a Wine Country Gift Basket.


  1. While I don’t have a husband (nor will I ever), I think cologne once a year or so is perfect. After all, how long does the bottle last?

    1. I agree, Roy. Much like women’s perfume, regardless of the cost, it can get rancid and very unpleasant if not used up within the year.

  2. Asking what he wants seems to be the easiest lately lol we now love a very minimalist lifestyle so I feel a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders this year ❤️

    1. Yes, it seems that this year it will be much the same (minimal), much to the chagrin of my 40 yr. old son-in-law, who is more like a 2 year old when it comes to Christmas.

  3. Buying gifts for family is very stressful. Especially buying for parents.

    1. Yes, Christmas shopping, in general is stressful, regardless of who you’re looking for.

  4. I can relate to this post so much! I always stress over the perfect gift for my partner and even more so now that we are in a different financial situation whilst I am caring for the baby and off work. I really like the idea of choosing a gift that will compliment his hobbies. He does enjoy a video game or two so maybe I can get him a new game! Thanks for the help :).
    P.S I love the snow flakes on the screen! They are so sweet!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Chloe. Glad I could be of assistance. And yes, I love the snowflakes too!

  5. I’m so excited for my husband he already knew what he wanted so,he picked out his gift! A new laptop.

    1. You’re getting off too easy… lol

  6. I often buy my husband his favorite treats every single year. Usually chocolate 🙂 He loves it and it isn’t stuff he doesn’t need. I also agree with asking. I’d rather get what I want than a big surprise, especially when our kids are the ones getting most of the presents.

    1. You can never lose with chocolate – at least in my books… And yes, some surprises are nice, but I make sure people know at least 2 things that I’d really like to have and they can fight it out… lol

  7. These are great idea! It is fairly hard to find something for my husband each year.

    1. Yes, I especially like the hobbies one…

  8. Mine tends to like funny t-shirts, so I usually go with things like that.

    1. If it works, don’t knock it. A lot less expensive than a lot of other things could be.

  9. I usually ask him what he wants or I check out his wishlist he has on amazon. I have a good idea of what he likes and doesn’t like. What he needs and doesn’t need and so on. This year I bought him 5 things but my husband birthday is Dec 19th so I usually have to split up my gifts lol. This year he turns 30 so I am having him a big party and giving him a not so expensive christmas.

    1. I had a sister-in-law whose birthday was also Christmas day. She said she’d felt cheated all her life. With a big party for his 30th, I’m sure he’ll be happy.

  10. I realized the more close you are to the person, the more difficult it is to find a gift for them. I can totally relate to this! These tips are brilliant!

    1. I agree. I’m finding it more and more difficult to shop for my Mother and my kids, both.

  11. Really great tips! I especially appreciate the not being afraid to repeat a gift tip!

    1. It’s a good thing most of us use a thing or two on an annual basis. Makes life a bit easier…

  12. This is a constant struggle for me as well. It would be so much better to just give them money, lol! But where’s the fun in that. I think these are amazing tips!

    1. I’ll take the money if you want someone to share it with… lol

  13. Great tips! Thank God, I do have any issue shopping for my husband because he is not shy telling my what to get him LOL. I think he is the easiest person on my Christmas list.

    1. You’re fortunate. A lot of people don’t share what they want.

  14. I don’t buy stuffs for my husband but since I read this I want to surprise him this coming christmas. Awesome tips..Thanks!

    1. You’re quite welcome. Glad I could help.

  15. Giving the same gift as far as consumables go is a great idea! Less things to have to purchase throughout the year and what a great way to be able to have something that we love to be pampered with.

    1. Indeed, Steven. The easier the better.

  16. Some great ideas in this post.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it.

  17. Ahhhh Christmas shopping for my hubby can be tough!!!! I do always buy him cologne though!!!

    1. I don’t have a hubby to worry about these days, but 4 children, 2 grandchildren and my Mom.

  18. Great tips! I’ve always found gift shopping for the hubby easy, there is always something he really needs in that moment, plus there is always the option of doing something beautiful together rather than gifting something material.
    XO, MJ

    1. You’re lucky that you find it easy. And I like your idea of doing something beautiful together.

  19. My husband is tough to buy for. He doesn’t really want a lot and what he does want he buys. I need a wish list from him 🙂

    1. Yes, I think a wish list is a good idea. I’m guilty of buying myself what I want – I did just that last… lol

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