Why Not Give a Gift Basket?

Gift BasketWhy Not Give a Gift Basket?

Gift baskets aren’t reserved for just Easter any longer. The gift basket business is becoming a booming market. And for good reason too. The gift basket industry is a-buzz offline and online. When it comes to selecting a thoughtful present that will be remembered by your friends and family without all the extra hassles of wrapping, or not knowing just what to give a gift basket may well be the route to go.

Let’s face it, shopping for friends or loved ones is an out right guessing game when you get right down to it. Gift baskets change all that. They make it possible for you to give important people in your life a present that really means something and cuts down on the icky-face, “I’m only pretending to like this present” factor.

Gift baskets give you a chance to unleash your creative inner child and go wild while providing a pleasant package. And the “package” is the real winner in this scenario. Because, instead of just receiving one gift, when you give an entire basket full of goodies, the value of it, or at least the perceived value, is indeed higher.

I’m sure you have no doubt hear the phrase “It’s the thought that counts”. Well, there is no truer a statement ever uttered to describe the process of making a homemade gift basket due to the thought and time involved in creating one. Plus, you can whip one up in a jiffy for those “crunch time” gift giving situations without too much hard work on your part.

To add on to that last thought, gift baskets are terrific for virtually any occasion you can dream up. And, you’ll always have something to give that is a one-of-a-kind present that will bring smiles to your friends & loved ones faces to be sure, regardless of the type of basket you come up with :-).

Beyond that, making gift baskets is NOT an expensive process by any means. It is indeed quite affordable in the grand scheme of things.

Gift Basket Creation Is EASY!

Yes. It truly is. If you can find a container (not always a basket), stuff to put inside of it, a few ribbons or extra accessories, and BAM! You’ve got yourself a gift basket.

Traditionally of course gift baskets came in, what else but baskets. As time and traditions have changed, so have basket formats. And that helps out tremendously in the imagination arena.

Traditional gift baskets can be boring. . ., but, how about. . .

A beach bucket filled with summertime goodies – for that winter cruise or trip to warm climates!

Because people, and manufacturers, seem to be breaking away from the old, frumpy, traditional styles of the gift basket format, it makes creating home-made gift baskets an unbelievably simple task that isn’t really a task at all, but instead

FUN! Both for the creator and the gift recipient.

Plus, this gives the gift basket creator an opportunity to get really inventive with their ideas without going over budget on the supplies needed to make a specialized gift basket for an individual that has an interest in something specific.

Take for instance a person who loves to cook. You could create a gift basket made from a large glass mixing bowl and fill it with all the ingredients to make some sweet treats. This way, you give the aspiring cook all the tools, including the food ingredients, they need to make great tasting treats without having to cook the treats and present that to them. Much less work for you!

And, the time it will take you to construct a “designer” gift basket is very minimal. The longest portion of time you will spend will consist of shopping for your gift basket components. Beyond that, it should take as little as 5 minutes to get your gift basket together and ready to give to your beloved.

Sure, you COULD take $10.00, run into your nearest drug store and purchase a pre-packaged “hot chocolate lovers” gift box filled with a couple of generic coffee mugs, a few packages of instant hot chocolate packets, and two spoons. But. . .

You could take that SAME $10.00, go down to an arts & crafts store such as Old Time Pottery or Hobby Lobby and purchase two specially selected coffee mugs for less than $1.00 a piece, a couple of fine spoons for another dollar, and a lovely more personal container maybe costing you about $3.00, or less.

Then shoot on over to the supermarket and with the left over $4.00, stroll down the hot cocoa isle, grab some gourmet hot chocolate instant packages, and maybe a few extra goodies like a small bag of marshmallows, then POOF! You have a very unique hot chocolate lovers gift basket!

The look on the gift recipients face is worth all the additional time spent in creating such a terrific and personalized gift basket. Isn’t it? 😉

Selecting A “Theme” For Your Basket

If you can think it up, you can turn it into a gift basket. Gift basket creation is all about creativity and imagination. How far can yours stretch to come up with fresh, inventive ideas?

Plus, the more creative you get, the better chances you will create a gift so unique it wouldn’t be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, you could give 10 people the exact same supplies and ask them to come up with their own gift basket and end up with 10 different variations on the exact same theme. So, keep your mind open to new and exciting ways to present your ideas in the form of gift baskets. There is never a wrong way to do it. Just YOUR way to do it!

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  1. I love putting gift baskets together for my neighbors and I do a special one for my mother-in-law. Great idea!

    1. Last year, in October, my daughter volunteered for a fundraiser and there was a silent auction. We put together 2 baskets to donate. One was a “movie night” with the family, including some movies, and the other was a Christmas themed one. Both turned out very well. You can get so many different cellophanes to wrap the baskets with that make them so pretty.

  2. This is a really good idea. It’s a bit more personal than just giving a load of presents without any real thought.

    1. Yes, they can be much more personal, especially if you’re crafty and can include some homemade items. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. A gift basket with a theme! Such a great idea for a gift for someone special. It is a good way to combine handmade and store bought gifts. A tea party gift basket might have a mug, a special spoon, some teabags, a doily, and other tea things. I really like the gift basket with a theme, and I’m going to make one (or two)!

    1. I agree. If you know the recipient’s likes, you can gear the basket towards that.

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