Christmas Holiday Games

Christmas Holiday GamesChristmas Holiday Games

When you have a lot people over for Christmas Dinner you’ll want to plan some fun activities they can do while dinner is cooking. While some guests of course may prefer to watch games on TV while dinner is cooking, there will be some who will prefer Christmas Holiday Games for fun.

Christmas Holiday Games can include board games, card games, outdoor games, or even a puppet show and story telling.Β  Here are some fun table games your guests can play while waiting for dinner.

Board Games

Board games have always been popular throughout the years, so be sure to have some on hand. For the kids you’ll want something like Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Game of Life, Wheel of Fortune, or Scrabble, to name a few.

Card Games

While the adults can play some traditional card games such as Cribbage, or even Uno, the younger ones can play Go Fish or Old Maid.

Tablecloth Coloring

Another fun activity for the little ones is to get a tablecloth that they can color on and decorate. This should be one of those disposable types of tablecloths of course, as you don’t want to ruin your good stuff. Have them date it and put their name on it as this will give you something to look back on and remember fond memories when they are all grown up. Washable markers are likely the best choice for this activity.

Outdoor Games

If the weather permits, perhaps some outdoor games would be a good way to pass the time until dinner is ready. They could play a game of Frisbee, Soccer, Football, Horseshoes, or even a simple little croquet game would be fun!

Sharing Stories

You could have everyone share their stories about the best or worst presents they ever got! They would have to describe the gift and describe why they thought it was the best or worst gift they ever got.

Guess That Food Dish

Let those who aren’t helping prepare the dinner try to guess what dishes are going to be served by smelling them with their eyes closed. The easy stuff like ham, turkey, roast etc doesn’t count, as those are easy but how about some of those side dishes! For instance can they tell squash from sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts from cauliflower etc. Let the winner have a taste of the dish of their choice!

Puppet Show

Puppet show – Putting on a puppet show and acting out some Christmas Stories can be another great way to entertain the little ones and help pass the time as well! If you can video tape the puppet show it will make for great entertainment and wonderful memories in years to come as well.



  1. Oh, yes. We celebrate Diwali here in India, with such pompous and style. It’s in another two days. This post comes on time. Happy fall! πŸ™‚

    1. Happy celebrations, whether in North America or India, are always welcome!

  2. I always invite guests to my dinners when I plan to have us pray, sit down, eat, and converse. No need for board games or card games.
    I much prefer the intelligent discourse. (Of course, that does mean I have to discriminate among those that can be invited πŸ™‚ )

    1. I guess it would depend on the crowd. Restless children aren’t much fun if they’re whining and crying and getting into things they shouldn’t. And yes, intelligent discourse is grand, as is verbal jousting.

  3. It’s these small fun activities that bond us closer with our loved ones. We’re in the middle of something similar with Diwali festival around the corner. Have fun. 😊

    1. Thank you, Vinodini. I hope you enjoy Diwali as well.

  4. I so enjoy all your Christmas blogs. I have a great variety of games, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Martha, for stopping by.

  5. Some great games to be playing for Xmas. It’s round the corner and another way to make it eventful. We wish you Happy Diwali, celebrating the festival of light.

    1. Happy Diwali to you, Vishal. Enjoy the wonderful food and celebrations.

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