Let’s Swap Christmas Cookies

Christmas CookiesChristmas Cookies

It seemed almost too simple.” That’s what ran through my mind the first year I decided to bake a variety of Christmas cookies like my Grandma and Mother made each Christmas season when I was a child.

With my daughters by my side and the Christmas Carol’s playing, we began to stir, drop, roll and bake. My daughters were smiling ear to ear with the thought that we would give packages of delicious Christmas cookies to our neighbors and others that year, along with sharing these at our very own Christmas celebration. I quickly realized we just made our own Christmas tradition that felt like home.

Who doesn’t like homemade Christmas cookies? Oh…the sweet aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla throughout the house for days from those holiday cookies. Picture a variety tray of cookies to adorn your dessert table with plenty to share with friends and family.

You can save this tradition without spending days in the kitchen!
Many have lost this old fashioned tradition. There are so many things that need our time especially through the holiday season – spending hours and days in the kitchen is just not an option.

I wish I could do this too.” That was a common statement our family received as we shared our homemade cookies. Then the idea hit me, what if next year I hold a cookie exchange. A simple concept of baking batches of one type of cookie and getting together with others and swapping them so that we all could have different kinds of cookies. Another family tradition was born with the same wonderful day of baking with the Christmas Carol’s playing. The joy of our family sharing our treats with the extra bonus of getting together with friends and family to exchange them for more awesome goodness.

How would you like to create trays of beautiful cookies without all the time invested? The simple thing is…. YOU CAN, by starting your own Cookie Swap with friends. Create a Christmas tradition – one cookie recipe at a time.

Now you can enjoy a social gathering to “swap” Christmas cookies and manage your time effectively by marrying a time of fellowship with the sharing of Christmas cookies.

A cookie swap will save you money by not having to buy a huge supply of different ingredients. You can be a hero among your friends, family or co-workers.

So start a new Christmas tradition, one cookie recipe at a time and one cookie (or a dozen) at a time. If you can have a few people over, you can start a tradition of trays full of Christmas love, piled high with Christmas cookies.


  1. I host a cookie baking/cookie swap day every year for a group of ladies from my church. It’s so wonderful to spend the day baking, dipping and decorating and get to go home with such a variety of cookies!

    1. It’s so awesome to come home with a whole lot of goodness when you only had to make one kind yourself. And the get-together is always fun.

    1. Steal away! Sounds like a good reason for a party to me…

  2. I love cookie swaps! They are so much fun and I come home with a great variety of cookies!

    1. Can you just imagine? Coming home with 10 or 12 different types of cookies? Put the tea on, I’m on my way!

  3. such a great idea, of course when I bake during the holidays it is to make trays to give to my customers, so no swapping there. I just enjoy giving to others, and the joy it brings them knowing we care about our customers enough to spend the time to make them goodies 🙂

    1. Giving is an awesome thing to do. I’m sure your generosity puts a smile on their faces!

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