Your Kitchen Christmas Gift Factory

Christmas Gift FactoryYour Kitchen Christmas Gift Factory

Choosing the perfect holiday gifts for friends and acquaintances can sometimes be difficult – especially if you don’t know them very well. Additionally, thinly stretched holiday budgets are often unable to handle a series of quality gifts. But… you can turn your kitchen into a Christmas gift factory!

Now, you may not be Santa and have a bunch of elves at your disposal, but by turning your kitchen into a Christmas gift factory, you can find a way to give personal, quality gifts to everyone. These homemade gifts can be produced inexpensively using equipment you already have!

A nice tray of homemade candies, holiday cookies and treats can be a perfect present. Everyone, after all, enjoys eating. The fact that you have made your gift trays or jars of cookies or treats with your own hands adds a unique personal touch to your presents. These gifts make a nicer choice than an item grabbed off a store shelf.

If you really enjoy baking and are a kitchen maven, the process of making the items can be fun and relaxing, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the holidays even more. Getting the kiddos involved in your Christmas gift factory will teach them about baking and cooking and you can start an annual Christmas tradition.

So what can you fill your holiday gift trays? There are always the old trusty reliable items like frosted and decorated sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and fudge. Any of your friends receiving these traditional holiday confections will do so with a smile.

Many of those who make holiday gifts from their own kitchen truly enjoy providing others with a selection of their own family recipes, and you can add a special personal touch to the gift by including the recipes. This approach to producing holiday edibles is sure to be a hit.

If you’d like to expand your culinary horizons and produce tasty treats that will surprise and delight recipients, you can create a truly unforgettable holiday gift.

You can add a great deal of dimension to your holiday gift giving by seeking out new and unique recipes. By finding recipes for interesting holiday confections and cookies, you can create a truly spectacular holiday gift basket or cookie tray that will long be remembered.

You can mix and match recipes to build a colorful and tasty variety of treats. You’ll not only be giving your friends an interesting array of new tastes, but it will also show them that a great deal of thought and consideration was put into their treats.

Consider making cookies popular in different regions of the world for an internationally themed holiday tray. You could have a theme based on a single ingredient, to display the many ways a particular flavor can be used in cooking. Or, you could opt to simply create a smorgasbord of awesome cookies designed to delight all of the senses without centering on a particular theme. Your options are only limited by your imagination and time.

Click on the pics below to get one or two great cookbooks – one for Christmas cookies, the other for squares (affiliate links).

You can easily transform your kitchen and cooking skills into a Christmas gift factory that produces fantastic presents for everyone. Unforgettable holiday treats can add enjoyment to anyone’s holidays and are far less expensive to produce than searching the aisles of retail stores for a series of drab gifts. All you need to transform your home into a spectacular holiday gift factory is a little time and a great collection of holiday recipes.


  1. Wow, what Christmasy post! I’m loving the snowflakes falling all over. Your gifting ideas sound cool. I’m inspired to bake some cookies now, but I wonder if they would be good enough to be gifted. 🙂

    1. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, Vinodini. I love the snowflakes too! Cookies usually turn out well, so I say “go for it”.

  2. That is what I remember Christmas to be about. Nothing I like more than taking back Merry Christmas from “merry commerce”.
    If that gift basket has fudge in it, I’ll fight you for it.

    Forget about others allergies and go for it. Maybe include the recipe so they can see the contents. After that it is up to them to sort it out and share what they cannot eat themselves. I’ll even share some of the fudge.

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